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I’d like to jot down some ideas while I have then in mind. I have a lot of goals for my art in 2014, and I don’t mind sharing them with the world. Hopefully it will keep me in check.
I have several comics in various stages of progress and I’d like to get them finished this year. Not only that, but I want to have them look 100% my best work. I’ve made comics in the past years, but I feel like I could have hit them up with a lot of revisions, and not just let the comic slide just because I want it done to have another finished comic. I want to have friends critique the pages, and I want to be diligent enough to redraw complete pages if they aren’t strong enough.
The books if like to crank out this year are: Enzo the Barbarian: It’s a Thundarr pastiche, and a 16 page tale to start. I want it to be black and white toned for printing, but also a full color rendered piece to put up in Comixology for a dollar. I’d like to tri that arena and see how it goes. Current this comic is at character design stage, a complete script, and I want to start thumbnailing soon.
Second book I have an twelve page mini comic of Gran Búho, a luchador story. I have four pages penciled, one fully inked and toned. I wanted it for a Halloween release, but now I just want it out and done.
Third book is an Oscar the Otter story(a vintage style cartoon character I developed last year) retelling the famous stone soup folk tale. My friend wrote a script, I just need to start pencil pages. It’s more of a story book than a comic.
Last year I dived into screen printing, and that has been amazing. I really want to incorporate some of that into my comic work this year.
Lastly, I’d like to make a couple zines. One on screen printing, and another on lucha libre. The screen printing book I’d like to make because I’ve been thinking about approaching a few art stores to teach a workshop in screen printing. Id like to be able to give them a small zine covering the bases of screen printing after they take the workshop for reference when attempting at home.
For my screen printing endeavors, I’d also like to take on more small tshirt jobs. It’s been a lot of fun making shirts for small businesses and events. I’ve also sold a lot of shirts with my designs on Etsy. I’d like to keep that up, and more designs through the year.
That’s a lot of talk. Let’s see what I can cross off and be proud of this year.

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shellpresto Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I'll look forward to the luchador one especially.
JeremyWhittington Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2014
Fantastic goals, buddy! I can't wait to see what this year holds for you!

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Submitted on
January 15, 2014